Make a Promise with The Promise Ring

Make a Promise with Promise Ring

Promises are meant to be kept and honored and what better way to make a promise with the most romantic gesture of giving a ring. Many people often wonder what’s the difference? So let us look at the few differences that can help you understand these differences. These differences are small and big alike. The metal, the gemstones used, the price of the ring all matters when it comes to the comparison between these two rings.
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The Difference Between An Engagement And A Promise Ring?

In simple words, a promise ring is a symbol of a promise made to a woman. It is not necessarily meant to be given to your betrothed. This ring can be given to anyone you wish to make a promise to. This is a symbolic ring. The engagement ring comes in picture when the proposal has been accepted and she has said yes !!. The engagement ring is purely meant for a man to give his woman when he wants to spend the rest of his life with her whereas the promise ring can be a starter ring as well.

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The Meaning of A Promise Ring
There are many occasions that come in a couple’s life where they need to make few promises to each other. It could be the initial stage of the relationship when two people are still exploring each other and have developed feelings but not ready for commitment. The promise ring can be given to make a promise of any sort. It can be a promise to lover unconditionally, a promise to be around, a promise to care and cherish each other.

Surprisingly Promise rings have become a lot popular in the last few years especially with the couples who are in relationships but don’t want to label them as of yet. Live in relationships have become a new lifestyle especially in metros where to people of opposite sex who have a certain fondness for each other live together as a couple but they are not really planning for getting married in the immediate future. But when two people live together and care and feel for each other they tend to have some commitment levels. The promise ring plays a very important part here. These men choose to give these promise rings to their girlfriends to make a gesture of promise to be there for her and be around. This ring is replaced by the engagement ring upon the engagement of the couple. Some women choose to continue wearing their promise ring along with their engagement ring.

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For the Non-Couples
A promise ring is not necessarily meant to be exchanged between couples. It could even be given to anyone you love and wish to make a promise to. Two friends can exchange these promise rings and promise to be friends forever. Some people wear them when they make a promise to themselves as a token of a pledge when they may feel the need to break an addiction or a habit. These rings are used for the commitment purposes also in some faiths.

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Most Popular Types of promise rings

A simple silver band ring can be a promise ring as well. It doesn’t have to very fancy or expensive or even elaborated. The promise rings may or may not have gemstones studded in them. Traditionally engagement rings are worn in the ring finger whereas promise rings can be worn according to the wearer’s choice. There are many options and designs available for these rings. Silver rings are a popular choice apparently. Some people choose to go with gold and platinum as well. The infinity ring is a very sought after choice when it comes to the promise rings as it makes a beautiful commitment of an infinite together.

So if you have been meaning to make a promise to someone this is the time to get that ring and make that beautiful promise of commitment to that special someone.

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