Jewelry Hacks for All Us Gals

Now and then we all need some handy tips and hacks to make our lives easier and organized. All of us at some point have dealt with situations where we felt that some tips and info could have helped us. So here we are for you to share some very useful jewelry hacks that can come in very handy every now and then.

Clear Nailpaint for Prevent Tarnish

Want to Prevent Tarnish?

Clear nail paint comes in as very useful tool when you want your costume jewellery to not rust or lose its shine. Just take the clear nail paint and coat it on the jewelry piece as you would on your nails. This will protect your jewelry from coming in contact with air and help it stay like new.

Saop Solution for Jewelry

Cleaning Dirty Silver jewelry

Make liquid solution water and any dish washing liquid like vim etc and mix it with plenty of water. Dip your sterling silver jewelry and wash with plain water afterwards gently and your 925 silver will shine like new. Happy cleaning to you.

Beer to clean gold jewelry

Beer Shine for Gold

Well beer can do wonders for your dirty gold jewelry, when you soak your Gold jewelry in beer for 10-15 minutes and voila it shines like new.

Loose a Ring with Colin

Stuck With A Ring

If a ring is too tight on your finger and won’t come off. Don’t panic! Use a glass cleaning spray like Colin on your finger. It will shrink the skin and you can easily take the ring off then .Just make sure there are no cuts on the skin as the open may skin may feel the sting of the chemicals when sprayed .


Bracelet Wearing Woes?

Sometimes wearing a bracelet by yourself can be a daunting task. A simple paper clip can do the trick here. Open the loop of the clip and use it to hold one end of the bracelet and fasten your bracelet clasp.

  1. Hold the paper clip with the same hand you need to wear the bracelet on.
  2. Keeping the clip steady, hook the clasp of the bracelet on one of the loops and it will tie easily.

Hot glue for sizing ring

For Resizing a Big Ring

Hot glue to the rescue .Who would have thought the hot glue can be used here. Its very simple. Take the hot glue and apply on the ring . Once a little cool turn it inside the ring shack and ward off the excess.

Measure a ring size

Learn To Measure Your Ring Size.

Loved a ring you saw online? But you don’t know your size? It’s very simple to measure and determine your ring size. Take a strip of paper, go around your finger using a pencil, and mark the spot where the paper meets. Now match the measurement on the scale. Ideally all online companies have a ring size chart, compare your reading against their ring size chart and get to know your ring size.

Thread a necklace with straw

Learn To Store Your Chains without Entangling Them

While storing multiple chains or even while traveling chains tend to get entwined with each other and are sometimes hard to de-tangle and use. There’s a very simple solution to this. Thread these chains through a straw while storing them

Vaseline for sensative ear

Vaseline Protects Those Sensitive Earlobes

A very simple and effective solution to the sensitive earlobes is applying a thin layer of Vaseline every time you wear a pair of earring. Vaseline acts as a barrier between your skin and the metal of the earrings hence protecting the sensitive skin.


Button Them On

Buttons are a very useful tool to store earrings in a pair. Thread a pair of earrings through the button holes and screw them nicely. Now you have to never rummage through your jewelry box to find your earrings.

How to Free Your Tangled Chains?

There is a super easy way to untangle your delicate chains . Take a bowl sprinkle some baby powder on the powder on the tangled chains and keep tugging gently on the tangles and slowly they will start loosening and they will free in no time

Few Handy Tips for You

Pill Boxes make a great organizer cum storage option for small jewelry items for storage as well as traveling

Storing jewelry in clear transparent boxes will make them easy to access.

Always store your jewels separately from each other, make sure they don’t rub against each other . This will prevent from stones to fall off and also extends your jewels life.


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