How To Style Silver Bangles To Look Beautiful

silver bangles

In Indian culture, every ornament plays a significant role. The role can be significant to health benefit and beauty benefit both. Out of so many options in ornaments, bangles hold a very vital part in every Indian woman’s look. In bangles also there are so many options to choose from but one of the most worn is silver bangles. Women love to wear jewellery be it a small one or heavy jewellery. but as nowadays the fashion trends are being evolved going minimal is a new trend.

Silver bangles for women are a new trend as they are comfortable to wear have various benefits. Silver metal is considered very auspicious to wear as it has antimicrobial property that helps in woman in so many ways. But with respect to benefits here are so many ways in which silver bangle can be worn with different outfits. Here are some amazing ways in which these bangles can be worn on different occasions with different outfits to look beautiful.

With Sarees:

One of the evergreen ways to wear silver bangles is to wear them with sarees. But for giving a unique look you can wear only a silver bangle. Pair a classy clutch with the saree instead of a handbag so that it will grab extra attention to your wrist. You can make it wear with long pearl earrings on a festive occasion and look amazingly beautiful on the occasion.

With Shirts:

For wearing a bangle you do not need to wear it with traditional only. For a fusion, look make it wear with a collared shirt of ¾ sleeve and pair it with denim or a long skirt. This will give a boho chick vibe and can be worn on any casual occasion. You can also wear them with a boat neck shirt of black colour and to enhance the everyday look wear pearl studs with it.

With Formal Outfits:

Pairing jewellery with formal outfits is quite tough and for that one of the easiest and most suitable jewellery option is silver bangles. Wear a diamond studded single silver bangle with the trousers and shirts and look beautiful. Going for a formal party then wear a sleek bangle in a single hand and move to any party with grace.

With Evening Gowns:

For a fusion, look wear these silver bangles with long floral or solid gowns. Pair a classy silver choker necklace with the outfit and look mesmerizingly beautiful. You can mix and match also as it will give a fusion charm to your outfit. Short evening gowns too will look great with a single silver bangle and you can also go for an American diamond studded silver bangle.

With Salwar Suits:

For a charming Indian look wear it with salwar suits. You can pair a jhumka earring with a Patiala salwar suit and can give a classy vibe in the function. With different outfits, this can be worn. On Kurta and jeans too this will go well and will grab the attention of onlookers. Many times lehengas too will look good with these and can be worn on wedding and other functions.

With Casual Outfits:

As fashion trends are being evolved in a different way, going casual is the new trend so for that choose a sleek style of silver bangles with any outfit. Be it a pair of denim, coloured trousers, or palazzos these bangles will go great with everything. You can also gift these bangles to near and dear ones on any occasion.

There are many options from which you can choose. But with respect to options for styles, the next important thing is to select the place from where to buy silver jewellery, and for that going online is the best option. Online stores offer you premium quality products in an affordable price range to enhance the charm in a classy way. 

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