How To Store Your Jewellery While travelling?

How To Store Your Jewellery While traveling

If you are planning a holiday then you need to take care of a few things while packing your jewellery, if you are thinking to take them with you. Honestly, speaking if you are visiting for more than 4 days then you should definitely take your jewellery with you. And if you wear your silver jewellery regularly then you can take them with you for a short trip too. Buy your next pure silver jewellery online from Ornate Jewels. However, there are certain setbacks while travelling with your jewellery. There are two types of people while packing their luggage. The first one who shoves everything in their backpack and second ones are those who arrange their baggage systematically and you need to use the second method while packing various types of jewellery. Most of us don’t know how to pack our jewellery and inappropriately packing can tangle the necklace, damage your bracelet and you can lose your ring. So, here are the few tips which will you will love these clever tips on how to pack your jewellery.


Earrings are small jewellery and frequently can be misplaced anywhere when you are travelling. To prevent this from happening, use a business card or a tissue paper to poke your silver earrings and put them in your bag. So, you don’t have to search for them in your luggage. You can use your glasses case to use a box for your earrings.

Rings & Other Small Jewellery

Use a pillbox or your medicine box to store your small jewellery. You can easily store your small jewellery items like silver rings, studs and hoops and travel without worrying about them. Just remember you don’t have to take that box out in front of anyone. It’s your precious jewellery and you need to take care of it.


Necklace usually gets tangled while travelling and you don’t want that. This tangling can damage your silver necklace and steal your beautiful look from you. Drinking straw is a very good way to store your necklace while travelling. Slip one end of the necklace through the straw and close the clasp.

Precious Jewellery

If you are travelling with your precious jewellery then keep it in a jewellery pouch and then in your purse that you will carry in your hand. Always take care of that purse and have it with you all the time wherever you go. Don’t pop them out in front of anyone to be safe.

Here we are listing a few jewellery travel tips which will help you on your next trip.

  • Decide what jewellery you want to take.
  • Make a list so that you won’t forget any of your jewellery.
  • Keep your jewellery with you always
  • Always keep your jewellery in your handbag with you.
  • Never let anyone handle your bag which has jewellery even the people from the hotel in which you are staying.

Here are the few tips on how to pack your jewellery and take care of your jewellery on your next trip. Take care of yourself and your jewellery. Buy silver jewellery online from Ornate Jewels for your next trip and flaunt your beauty with these sheeny pieces of jewellery specially made for such occasions.

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