How to Measure Your Ring Size

Confused about ring size

Online shopping has arrived. From grocery to apparel all things are bought online now. The convenience and variety it offers are unparalleled to the mall shopping. One can see and browse through end number of products just at a click of the mouse at any given time. Sometimes when buying jewelry online people tend to get confused especially when it comes to ring buying. If unsure about the ring size then measuring the ring size is a bit daunting especially when you are in love with a ring online. A ring is the kind of jewel that is not made to fit one size all.All our fingers have different sizes. So when you are shopping for rings online make sure to measure the finger that the ring is intended for. It’s indeed very easy and accurate to measure ring size at home. Let’s look at a few ways and important tips to keep in mind while measuring.

Measure your finger

Measuring The Finger

A thick strip of paper is the ideal way to go as the thread or string can sometimes be too thin and can rotate around your finger and not give you the exact size. Wrap a thick strip of paper and measure from one end to other. Another way is to wrap the measuring tape around your finger and ensure that you are wrapping close to the knuckle. Knuckle being the thickest part of the finger has to be considered while measuring, as the ring needs to slide through the knuckle comfortably. We recommend using a measuring tape or a piece of cloth to get the precise measure. Just remember to not wrap it too tight.

If you are a right-hand woman keep in mind that fingers are slightly larger than those on your other side, but finger size can also change throughout the day depending on the weather.

Steps to Measure Your Finger

Mark It Right

Once you have arrived at the measurement now take a pen and mark the exact spot where the paper overlaps. If using the paper for taking measurements then check it against the ruler or any other unit of measure that you may have. Find the length of the strip.

All the online shopping sites have a ring size chart. They will have all kinds of measurement sizes in different units. Check your measurement against the provided chart. Generally speaking, the average woman’s size is size 6us or 12 Indian but this is just an average. Let’s have a look at a few more helpful hints that can help you achieve a decision.

Measurement of Ring Size With Candle

Always measure at your fingers at the end of the day

Your body temperature should be just about normal and not too hot or cold.

Always go for the bigger size if you are in between sizes.

For accurate measurement, measure between the knuckle and the base of the finger.

If you are thick knuckled measure the finger at the knuckle and below as well, your ring size should be the average of both the measurements approx.

If still can’t decide we are just a call away. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to what’s app us on 8600718666 for any product queries you may have.


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