Halo Ring – The Trendiest One!

Halo Ring

halo ring in silver A ring is the most loved bauble by a woman. Men propose to a woman by presenting her a ring. It’s a symbol of love and commitment. Since times memorial couples have been exchanging rings to commit to each other. With time the ring has seen a lot of evolution in its design. Most all cultures have some kind of ring exchange between a woman and man at the time of the wedding.

Today we will talk about a kind of ring, which has gained immense popularity in the recent times. Many celebs have been spotted wearing one. Its been a choice of engagement between the celeb couples.


engagement ring for girl in silver

A halo ring has a center stone and is surrounded by small micro-sized gemstones. This kind of ring offers big diamond looks in the center hence reducing the cost. Few things to keep in mind when buying a Halo Ring; you need to consider few things:

  • The Center Stone
  • Cutting of Center Stone
  • The color of the Stone
  • Shank of the Ring Number of Halos
  • Choice of Metal

Why You Should Choose Halo Rings?
Halo rings are light on the pocket if buying in diamond as it gives you the flexibility of buying a smaller stone, which is affordable, and the stones around it can let you have a big look by creating a Halo around. Halo ring accentuates mostly any kind of finger and hand.

The advantages of buying a Halo ring

Big Looks:

Halo ring offers the wearer the illusion of wearing a big Diamond Ring as it makes the center stone look big. If one was wearing a 1-carat ring the Halo design can make the ring appear to be 2 carat

Looks Wider On The Finger: While buying jewelry price is always a consideration. Especially when one is buying a solitaire diamond. Halo ring makes a great choice here as it will give you a full look on your finger without breaking the bank

Unmatchable Sparkling Effect: Halo ring design has a center stone and tiny stones surrounding it hence giving a super shiny and sparkly effect.

Halo Setting Acts As A Shield: Even the hardest gemstones can get scratches due to any external hit they may face. In this kind of case, Halo setting prevents that and act as a shield to the center stone.

Design and Popularity: Halo designs have become very popular and offer a great choice in terms of design

Get extra sparkle by choosing the perfect Halo ring.  Its the latest rage in the fashion world.

Halo rings have become the 2nd most popular choice with women after the solitaire rings. There are many designs to choose from. They come in classic, trendy and vintage styles. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most. They have gained popularity for the simple reason that they offer women a big diamond look at the lesser price. They do offer an extra bling and makes a perfect buy for the women who love to add sparkle to their finger.

Halo Ring Meaning

The halo setting is when the center stone has a ring of small stones around it. It was very popular in the art deco times and has resurfaced again recently. Thanks to the celebrities for making it popular again. They are classic elegant and have a vintage feel to them.

Let’s talk about the various kinds of Halo designs here:

Center Diamond Flush Look:

In this look, the halo look is sitting tightly around the center diamond making the center diamond appear bigger.

Halo Ring With A Floating Effect

In this kind of Halo ring, the halo effect is set a bit below the center stone. The center stone is raised a bit above the halo encircles. One can see a small gap between the two stones. This kind of setting makes the center stone appears large than it actually is.

Double halo: A double Halo as the name suggests has two rows of stones around the center stone. This kind of setting really complements the center stone making it shine and sparkle more and also makes it appears big.

The most popular halo rings are in white gold or silver. The white of the surrounding metal really accents the Diamond. 925 Silver American Diamond Halo ring makes a good choice for the first-timers who want to experiment the look and feel of it.

  • As said earlier the few pointers that favors the Halo ring
  • Makes the Diamond or any center stone look big
  • Accentuates the finger and hand
  • It has a great bling effect

A famous halo ring example in the recent times would be of Kate Middleton’s ring. Her beautiful engagement ring is sapphire with a halo of diamonds, it’s breathtaking.


Halo rings don’t always have to be in Diamond they come in various colored stones as well. You can find the one you like at

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