Gudi Padwa – The Maharashtrian New Year

Gudi Padwa

Every state in India has its own local new year be it Onam , Be it pongal or Gudi Padwa  for that matter. Maharashtra celebrates Gudi It’s the new year for the marathi community.Its celebrated with much gusto and is awaited all year long. One can see the houses decorated with torans of mango leaves, rangoli’s which are very colorful and have different designs. The most iconic thing that marks this occasion is the Gudhi flag which is hoisted atop the houses . The flag consists of an upside down Matka vessel which could be silver or copper and has mango leaves and neem leaves . This is widely believed to bring good luck to the house and the residents all year long .

Buying Home


One can see retailers in Maharashtra offering discounts and offers . The property market is flooded with massive discounts and deals on the houses . This is considered to be an auspicious occasion to buy in the property for many people . They wait for all year long to buy a house .

Buying Vehicles


Another important thing that’s bought and sold the most during this festive occasion are the cars .One can find many good offers and deals on the cars and even motorcycles .

Buying Jewelry

Jewelry and Gold

Indians love jewelry and gold . It tops the list for many . People wait for Gudi Padwa to buy jewellry and gold as many jewelers offer attractive discounts and deals during this period . Its an added bonus for the buyer. Also buying metal like gold and silver is considered to be very auspicious. No women feels satisfied if she doesn’t get to buy some form of jewelry at this time of the year . According to ones buying power they buy 925 silver, gold or even platinum . These metals represents wealth and prosperity .


For some people who don’t want or need the big ticket items small household stuff like furniture is good enough to buy . Getting a new sofa for the house and office is their way of bringing newness in their lives .

Buying UTENSILSUtensils

Many festivals in India have this tradition of buying the cookware items or utensils like steel glasses, plates etc .  A new pot or a pan is also bought often so on the day of gudi padwa the women can cook or serve in these new vessels . Also the sale and discounts are a big factor for many to do this purchase .



So whatever is that you fancy and can afford go ahead and buy and bring home a new addition this Gudi padwa . At ornatejewels you can find many silver jewelry which is worth the investment as you will get to wear it more often as opposed to gold and will cost you the fraction of price . Go on browse through our collections and fins that auspicious piece of new jewel for you . Be festive !!


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