India is a major consumer of gold. We all know the love relationship that Indian women have with gold. Wearing gold is considered a status symbol in our society. No wedding is complete with women accessorizing their outfits with jewelry. Be it the birth of a child, or a wedding, a birthday or any festival gold still remains an important choice as a gift. With changing times people have started looking for other options which are more pocket friendly as well as trendy .The ever so emerging gold demand is becoming a major issue as imports of gold weighs down the economy. Considering gold plated jewelry can be a great option as it provides the same looks what gold offers.

What is gold plated jewelry?

Gold plating is a technique where a layer of gold is deposited on another metal. Gold being a soft metal, is easily susceptible to nicks, dents, and bending however on the other hand Gold-plating lends an attractive finish to a piece that is usually sturdy. Gold plating can get dull or get tarnished over a period of time if not taken care of. Mostly the metal of choice here is silver or sometimes even copper, by electroplating. Though gold plating is majorly done on jewelry its not uncommon to see it on other articles like watches, cutlery, accessories etc as well.  Nobles and rich have been known to use gold plated utensils and decoration items to gold plated bath fittings etc. Often 925 silver jewelry is plated with different carats of gold -14k, 18k and even 24k. It be rose gold or yellow color

What are the benefits of gold plated jewelry?

The obvious reason people buy gold plated jewelry or articles is that they like the yellow color of gold. Gold plated jewelry costs the fraction of real gold while giving the wearer same look they would want to achieve while wearing gold. The affordability becomes the major advantage .One can buy and own many different articles of jewelry and can have a variety in their jewelry wardrobe. Gold has seen a tremendous price hike over the last few years hence gold plated jewelry has become a popular choice.  There are many designs that can be made using silver, as it’s a hard metal, which sometimes is not possible with gold. This gives buyer another reason to buy gold-plated jewels. Travelling with gold-plated jewelry is another major factor as people feel much safer using gold-plated jewelry while travelling or attending social functions. Chain snatching is a major issue in India and if a gold plated chain gets snatched the wearer wont feel as bad he or she would if it was made of gold. Many people are allergic to cheap metals but still want to wear beautiful jewelry; here gold plated makes a great buy for them.

How to take care of Gold Plated Jewelry

Though plating is mostly done on hard metals like silver, one can be assured that their jewelry is built to last. Still some care should be taken when using gold-plated jewels.

Avoid getting into the shower with your gold plated jewellery. Though this should be followed forhttp://w any kind of jewelry.

Take care while using perfumes. Ideally wear the jewelry after using the perfume, so the chemical in the perfume don’t react with your jewelry If applying lotions or creams let them get absorbed in your skin and then wear your jewelry.

Keep it away from strong chemicals like nail paint, nail polish remover, oil, chlorine etc. Remove it before you go for a swim or massage. Remove it before if you plan to engage in high sweat activity like exercise and all.

You can keep your jewelry shine like new by rubbing it with a soft cotton ball
Store it properly and make sure its not rubbing against other pieces that you may have in your jewelry box.
Don’t use jewelry cleaners or strong soaps etc. to clean

The most frequently asked question asked is how long the plating will last? Well it depends on many factors. The type of plating done and how it is worn. What’s the thickness of plating?  Thicker the plating lasting it is. It will also depend how the jewelry is being worn and used. The contact the jewelry has with the outer world and how the jewelry is maintained.  One of the most important factors is the metal that’s used under. For instance Silver is a good choice for plating as the plating adheres better to it.

If you take good care of your gold-plated jewelry it lasts long and in the event you ever feel it needs to be re-plated any local jeweler can do that. Go ahead and buy your favorite piece of gold-plated 925 silver jewelry with confidence. Buying it from a reputed online shop can give you many choices and comfort of shopping from your own home. Online shopping provides more choices and affordability these days.

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