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Flowery Chandeliers

The phrase “go big or go home” could be used for earrings in the recent times as we have observed the latest shift of trends in the world of earrings move towards large statement pieces. The style of sporting long silver earrings has proved to be the hottest pick this season with regard to jewellery. Long silver earrings have been worn in many ways and we have often seen various looks combined with this style both on the ramp and at red carpet events.

Silver long earrings are lovely accessories to have, as they not only look elegant but they also serve a mighty purpose of adding length to one’s neck. And truly, what’s more attractive than earrings that accentuate your features and curves? If you are loving this trend as much as we do, read ahead to discover more about these statement pieces and ways you can experiment as well as style them with your garments.

With all the hype around, you must surely be wondering, “why silver earrings?”.

Nothing can harmonise with your look better than a pair of sterling silver earrings, as they add a certain charm to your face. Often other metal jewelry doesn’t really match all outfits and these pieces are often just lying around. Imitation jewellery is often purchased only to be locked up until an occasion arrives.

Sterling silver jewellery crafted with pure 925 silver is affordable, thereby you can have a wide collection of different styles without going to hard on your pocket. If you’re a earring hoarder, this is good news for you! These pieces can be paired with different metals as silver complements everything perfectly. Long silver earrings add that instant glam to any and every outfit.

Often earrings that are long are considered to be heavy and many are apprehensive to buy such pieces. When you wear uncomfortable jewellery, not only are you extremely conscious about it, but it also shows on your face.

Sterling silver earrings are light, durable and extremely comfortable and you can wear them right from office to your evening party, and look fabulous.

Apart from all these added benefits, there are a wide range of styles when it comes to silver long earrings.

Silver Hoops

Silver Hoops are really fancy accessories that are a must have! They go with every outfit, face shape, and even personal style. This means that, when you’re stumped for which piece of your jewelry will best compliment your outfit; you can always throw on your hoops and be done with it! Whether it is a single large hoop or a continuous chain of interlinked ones, these stylish accessories are essential in every woman’s life! You can amp up any basic outfit such as a simple white shirt paired with a pair of flared jeans, with hoops to make the most ordinary outfit look out of the box. Be it a formal outfit or an outfit for a casual day, these hoops that come in all sizes would be an absolute game changer for you!

Silver Danglers, as the name suggests are a beautiful type of earrings that are attached to the ear and dangle down. These attractive earrings come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to cater to the personal taste of each individual as well as the theme of the occasion. Smaller danglers could be used on formal wear and if you want to go all out, there are large ones that really stand out and make you look extremely stylish! Danglers are extremely popular among fashion experts and stylists as they often use these as statements pieces to make a fashion statement! You can spruce up your outfit by pairing your danglers with a basic knotted top and palazzos and they will definitely change the overall appearance of this outfit that would have been so casual otherwise!

Silver Danglers

Chandelier earrings are another popular form of long earrings that are quite a rage in today’s day and age as we’re seeing more women inclining towards these popular pieces for a regal look. They can be embellished with an array of precious gemstones, multiple layers of pearls or American diamonds to achieve the royal look that would be well suited for a party or gala. Silver Chandelier earrings can be made to suit your personal style as well as the outfit you would want to pair these earrings with. Be it an Indian outfit or a western one these earrings can be customized to perfect your desired look. These lavish earrings look best when paired with gowns and lehengas. A perfect hairdo such as a loose bun on your gown paired with Silver Chandelier earrings will ace up the complete look and make you look your best!

 Silver Ear climber earrings are quite the sensation when it comes to Silver statement earrings. They are widely used in the fashion industry and are becoming a huge craze among fashion lovers due to how different and quirky they look. Whether from the front or the back side of earrings, these pieces cover almost the whole part of the ear and looks extremely sassy. They can be studded with American diamonds to raise your fashion quotient to a whole new level! Silver Ear climbers look perfect with stylish western wear such as dresses as well as comfy Indo- western outfits!

Sterling silver earrings are the favourites of all fashion enthusiasts as you can sport these pieces with outfits of all kinds, right from a brunch date outfit, formals or an evening party! Be it ethnic wear or cocktail parties, there is a style to suit each attire to help you achieve your desired appeal. Silver earrings can do wonders to your complete ensemble and bring you into the spotlight of the event!

Sterling Siler Danglers

These classics will save you money as they are budget friendly and make you look incredibly elegant and timeless at the same time. They are appropriate for every age as they come in all styles and sizes to suit a variety of face shapes and skin tones. Heavy statement pieces are often quite a hassle to carry, but with these sterling silver earrings are extremely light weighted and are the most comfortable things in the world!

Silver is a noble metal and we at Ornate Jewels understand and know that when you invest your money, you want to wear it for the years to come. When you are buying sterling silver jewellery you are going for durable, high-quality material that compliments any style, skin tone, and even age. When you’re ready to make your purchase, you need to ensure that you’re buying from only the best in jewelry design and execution. That’s where we come in.

When you purchase our sterling silver earrings, it’s not only the overall classic look of these pieces that will stand the test of time, it is also the durability of the metal they are made from that is 925 sterling silver which is the purest form there is.

If you’ve noticed itching, redness, or any other kind of discomfort and discoloration after wearing other types of jewelry, then you are probably allergic to those metals. In such cases, sterling silver is an excellent option for those with more sensitive skin, who might be allergic to other metals. Ornate jewels has a wide range of long Sterling silver earrings that are anti tarnish and skin friendly that come in a wide range of designs. Our pieces have been crafted using 925 Sterling Silver by our extremely skilled artisans to utmost precision assuring excellent quality. Each order is shipped with care and love as we value each customer and your valued purchases are shipped in our beautiful signature box. We also offer hassle free returns and replacements to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

We invite you to spend some time on our website to browse through our show-stopping collection of Sterling Silver earrings of all kinds.

Surely do check out our blog posts for more invaluable advice on how to keep your jewelry looking just as beautiful as the day you bought it for years to come as well as various ways to style your accessories with your attires!

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