Five Wedding Ring Trends That are in Vogue, This Year !

Silver Rings

This year of 2018, has all the ravishing adornments you need to make that exclusive style statement! Rings are glamorous statement pieces that are often used as an expression of one’s individual style. They inject glamour in your daily look and add an extra dose of sophistication and flair to the attire of the wearer.
There has been a recent drift towards stone cuts that had been once considered atypical and there has been a raise in the display of discerning tastes for avant-garde when it comes to rings this season.
Along with the immortal classics there has been an adventurous and modern shift towards unusual shapes, unique settings, multiple bands, portrait-cut stones, antique and vintage rings, a mix of metals and colorful stones. We are in the age where each individual can express the connoisseur of their individuality with the choices adopted by them, especially in jewellery.
With the brilliance of diamonds and the allure of deep hued sapphires, emeralds and rubies, these top five rings are gravitating all the attention towards themselves in full regalia with a perfect fit for every kind of bride this year!

Sterling Silver Rings
Sterling Silver Rings

Three Stone Ring
Following Prince Harry’s pick for Meghan Markle, this ring has taken the internet by storm with its raising popularity leaving a lasting impact on this year’s bridal trends although it is a classic. This bespoke piece is for the women of singular taste, those with an eye for detail, elegance and sophistication. Every design is exquisitely crafted due to the endless possibilities of colour combinations and diamond shapes to suit the persona of a woman who is unique in her own way.
This ring allows a glorious stream of light to pass through the shared setting thereby emitting the highest level of radiance, one that is almost as exceptional as the love you share – thus, proving to be an excellent pick for the bride to be.

Yellow Sapphire Ring
Although yellow diamonds have been a popular gemstone choice, they have only recently started using these in wedding rings. The gemstone, with a charming yellow, orange or golden hue, makes it one of the most alluring gemstones ever. Along with adding vibrancy and colour, these yellow gemstones have also proven to provide a multitude of benefits according the Vedic Astrology. The yellow sapphire ring has become one of the most sought after alternatives to diamond rings and is believed to bring more wealth and prosperity into the life of the beholder and stability in one’s married life.

Eternity Bands
Eternity bands, also knows as the infinity rings are having a lasting impact on 2018’s bridal trends. Comprising of a band of precious metal embedded with a continuous line of symmetrical gemstones, this ring symbolizes never ending love and lasting commitment. It is a classic and became popular and ideal when the much adored Marilyn Monroe was gifted the stunning baguette diamond eternity band on her wedding day. Brides are preferring this ring because of its eye-catching sparkle which ultimately provides a luxurious feel and subtle elegance to the entire look. Owing to it’s aesthetic appeal, the eternity band proves to be an ideal piece for brides – skillfully crafted to express one’s undying adoration and dedication along with all it’s grandeur.

Silver Solitaire Rings
Silver Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Rings
When you think of an engagement ring, one of the pictures that will come in your mind is a single stunning timeless solitaire diamond that is skill fully crafted to make a beautiful statement. Solitaire diamond rings are simply elegant and classic – each ring design focuses on enhancing the brilliance of a diamond. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, it’s important to choose a ring that appeals to the person’s special sense of individuality and among the many remarkable properties of diamonds, the fact that no two are ever the same is one of their most alluring traits. Millennial brides are much more trend aware and are making style – led choices with ease. There has been a pique of interests observed in brides as many are opting for the Solitaires in 2018.

Wedding Band Rings
Brides who prefer more understated styles are gravitating towards wedding band rings for daily wear rather than a classic center stone wedding ring. Minimal and elegant wedding band rings feature a classic style with a seamless finish resulting in an organic and unique silhouette. The circle of the wedding band has no beginning or end and is therefore a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be and is amongst the top trending choices for the brides of 2018!

Elegant and unique, these adornments are an expression and extension of the individual’s personal style. As exclusive as it is exquisite, each of the rings mentioned are timeless pieces, the pinnacles of design, one of the finest forms of jewellery and are the trendsetters of 2018!

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