engagement ring

Types Of Engagement Ring: If You Are Planning To Make It More Special

Being the biggest day of your lives and a happy occasion for the new start, engagement surely should not be too subtle this time. Here are some of the modern ring ideas that you must know to begin your celebration with a bang. A Simple Silver Pure silver jewellery is pure love. No wonder, the

big earrings

Big Earrings: To Make You The Stealer Of The Show

With the parties comes stress about how you must do your hair? Some like it open and some not, some put the regular hairstyle while some try new attempts every time. With every such hairstyle pairing the right silver jewelry too becomes a question mark. Considering this, here are some of the efficient big earrings

pearl chain

Pearl Chain: Setting True Example Of Sophistication

The evolution of pearls is unlike any ordinary gem or stone. Its million years of processing, the idea of extraction, and its development into pearl jewelry is the epitome of sophistication. This is why a pearl chain has always been compulsion in the wardrobes of the queen. From the necks of the queens to the

silver jhumka

5 Ways To Pair Silver Jhumkas With Western Outfits

You all must have heard how jhumkas looked lovely with the salwar suits and the sarees. But ever thought that these silver jhumka can also be a wonderful accessory to be decked with the western jeans, tops and skirts. Scroll below to know how. With Jumpsuits Jumpsuits are in the to-do list of every girl

fashion jewellery

Silver Jewellery: Latest In Today’s Fashion World!

Silver Jewellery is available in exquisite design patterns that intend to add up fascinating looks to the debonair. Therefore, here are some wild and sensational designs of silver earrings that add glamour to your attire. So ladies let’s introduce you to the trendiest jewel of this modern era. This handy guide will help you in

silver jewellery

Drive The Wedding Season With Flair Of Silver Jewellery

The most awaited season has arrived. It is not the spring, not the winter, but it is the wedding season. This season is not just a special occasion for the bride or the groom but for the whole family as in India, the wedding is not just of two people but two families. Understanding this,

diwali offer 2020

5 Must Grab Silver Jewellery In 2020 Diwali Offers

Diwali is not only a festival it’s an eternal feeling which every Indian will be feeling nowadays. This festival is considered one of the biggest festivals that arrives with a cheerful and happy vibe. It is that time of the year in which from the smallest thing to big possessions are being purchased. Some people

american diamond set


Jewellery is something that might be lifeless but adds life to a lot of things. Be it the beauty of an elegant bride or a simple getup of a woman going on her first date, jewellery adds meaning to every occasion where a woman belongs. And one such occasion is a party, such as an

3 Ways to Style Gemstone Jewellery

3 Ways to Style Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery is among the best jewellery to have in your wardrobe. The shiny pieces when blended with different metals especially with silver provides an ultimate compliment to your look. These gemstones are there to enhance your personality along with giving you an appealing look. But it is also important at the same time to

A women’s Jewellery Resolution For This Women’s Day

A women’s Jewellery Resolution For This Women’s Day

Women and a beautiful silver jewellery piece can be apart from much time. Now, in modern times women love to wear jewellery every time of the day, unlikely before when women used to wear jewellery only in the events. Wearing Jewellery is a feminist act and we fully support women in their power and strength

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