Emerald – The Stone Of Regality And Love

Emerald The-Stone-Of-Regality-And-Love

Emerald, a symbol of hope and prosperity is a gemstone that stems from a long and rich historical background right dating right back from the 17th to the 19th century. It was representative of status, wealth and a person’s place in society. For all those who are born in the month of May, they share this birthstone with some of the greatest women in history like Queen Victoria, Audrey Hepburn, Florence Nightingale and Emily Bronte to name a few.

Over the course of the last 15 years, most contemporary designers have featured the emerald in their designs and celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore and Uma Thurman have also been spotted on the red carpet with jewelry made using this regal gem. Designers prefer using this gem in its various hues cuts and slices eventually working them into styles that range from royalty to bohemian to pure elegance.

Apart from this, Emerald as a stone is also known to have healing properties and to ignite passion in life, be it for a job, a hobby or love. It is known to bring freshness and vitality to a soul and to heal that which is broken. Often called the ‘Successful Love Stone’, Emerald nurtures and opens up the heart to new experiences. Thus apart from looking regal, this stone embodies infinite patience and compassion as well as unconditional love.

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Thus this rich history and symbolism of the Emerald is one of the reasons that simulated emerald jewelry has thus been on the rise with most people adopting to use this form of gemstones to fulfill their various aspirations without burning a hole in their pockets. Stones that are created in a lab chemically look identical to those mined underground but with lesser flaws as well as a lower carbon footprint. Most importantly their prices are significantly lesser than their natural counterparts and some of them are an exact representation of the natural gemstone too. For instance, Nano emerald jewelry is formed from crystals which are a relatively new type of created gemstones specially made to be used in  jewellery. Their color is homogeneous such that if you bought a 100 emerald green nano stones, their color would be identical in each stone. That is the beauty of consistency in these Nano gems. Essentially, Nano emeralds are a sustainable substitution for natural Emerald gem and great part is that the lab created gems have the same properties of the natural rocks and minerals but with a limited time span. They look eternal and their energy is sometimes more powerful but with a limited lifespan of 10 to 15 years, which isn’t really bad, considering the prices.

Jewellery made using gemstones tends to have flair of romance and personality. It means different things to the wearer. Some might choose to wear it as a birthstone, some as a symbol of status and wealth and success and some might use them simply for the colour.

Simulated jewellery pieces like this 18k gold plated square danglers or Emerald studded bangle in sterling silver and 18K gold make for the perfect gift when you are indulging yourself or giving a gift to a loved one. These pieces make for the perfect travel jewellery as well be it for weddings or work meetings etc. This way you can grow your jewellery collection with classic designs as well as contemporary ones and have a wide variety to choose from, adapting a different look every time. All this with a affordable price tag.

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Online shopping has opened the avenue for shoppers to have access to a variety of styles and designs so that the modern woman today can fulfill her aspirations of wearing jewellery similar to Hollywood and Bollywood divas without burning a hole in her pocket and yet feel like a red carpet celebrity. You can now find an exquisite piece of created emerald jewellery at almost every price point.

As for quality, manufacturers and most retailers offer a quality guarantee with their jewellery. Thus for all those looking for classic or modern styles to up their style quotient can do so online at Ornate jewels and you never know, you might just drive all those around you, green with envy.

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