Diamond Alternate

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All women wish to own Diamonds especially solitaires. The price of diamond solitaires is not affordable for all of us. Maybe we can buy one or two solitaires at some point in life but the desire to wear solitaire Ring, Earring and a matching pendant on a chain never dies.  Apart from the price of a solitaire diamond there is an added cost of getting it studded in gold, which adds on to the bill. Now days there are many options available which can replace the diamond in price and looks. Strontium Titanite or Diamond Alternate being one of them. Strontium Titanite has been around for some time but has gained popularity until recently. It’s a synthetic gemstone. Its made by using a technique called Vermeuil process in which different earth elements are synthesized using the flame fusion which in turn gives it a variety of colors. Strontium Titanite has the cubic structure and fire even greater than the diamond, which is a natural stone. The most significant thing one notices about this gemstone is its ability to disperse the light. One can see the rainbow colored flashes coming out of it

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Strontium Titanate has gained immense popularity because of the clarity it offers and is available to the buyer at the fraction of cost of diamond. To add more charm to its popularity is the fire, which is twice the amount of a diamond. This gem of a stone is also known as diamond alternate. This stone is cut like diamond and diamond and Strontium Titanite both refract light alike.  Surprisingly Strontium Titanite sparkles more than a diamond .One needs to remember though this stone is not as hard as the diamond so proper care should be taken. The very pure diamonds are nearly colorless and the same holds true for this gem as well. Its often said that Diamonds are a girls best friend Strontium Titanite can be a great friend as its much lighter on the pocket and can get a girl the same feeling of wearing diamonds.

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Few pointers to make it easy for you to remember

1. Strontium Titanite can be easily bought as a Diamond Alternate and wore confidently.
2. This Gemstone can be studded in silver hence reducing the price even further as opposed to getting it done in gold or platinum. Silver being a white metal will further add to its sparkle.
3. Make sure to buy it in Anti tarnish silver, which makes it more wearable.
4. Its safe to travel with this stone and this makes a great alternate for those out of town weddings or holidays.
5. Makes a great gift option for near and dear ones.
6. This stone is expensive than Cubic Zirconia and cheaper than diamonds; it’s pricier than cubic zirconia because it imitates the real diamond whereas cubic zirconia can’t.
7. The affordability makes it a great buy; it’s a real value for money gemstone.
8. One can buy many pieces of jewelry studded in this gem of a stone and can have a great variety in their jewel box.
9. This stone is interesting and a unique stone with its own history. Its easily available online on many jewelry sites. You can start stocking your Diamond Alternate solitaires now.

“Girls New Best Friend” – Diamond Alternate or Strontium Titanite.

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