Dancing Stone Jewelry – The Latest Craze

Life is all about movement and rhythm. Every step we take or every breath we inhale that has a rhythm in it. It’s found everywhere around us. There is some form of motion always going on around us dance represents motion. The fluidity with which a body moves and dances is a true gift to the eyes. Inspired from this basic concept of dance, the dancing jewelry has come into our lives. It was initially introduced in the market with diamond solitaires. Popularly known as Dancing Diamond, its one of its kind of jewelry

Dancing dimaond double heart earrings

Jewelry industry uses a lot of technology for making fine pieces of jewels. And technology has taken a very substantial and important role in our lives .We are dependent on technology for our basic functioning of life. This form of dancing jewelry has been beautifully brought into existence by infusing technology with beauty and sparkle of stones. This unique collection of Stone In Motion features the constant movement and motion of these stones that dance to each beat of your heart . Every time you move, this jewelry responds to you in a rhythmic way One will feel as there is a waltz going on . The man behind this revolutionary jewelry is a Japanese jewellery designer Hidetaka Dobashi .

This range of jewelry has been around for few years now and is much loved by one and all. There are twinkling, sparkling and dancing earrings, pendants and rings available in Stone in Motion jewelry range. This collection proudly features a fine crafted range of jewels in which the unique setting of stones makes it dance. It’s a patented design that has taken the jewelry market by storm. Many retailers launched this line in Gold and Diamonds which sometimes is not affordable by all. Many a times women want to experience the unique things but on a budget. Silver dancing diamond jewelry makes the perfect choice as you get to experience the fine jewelry in a precious metal like silver at the fraction of a price of its gold counterpart.

Dancing dimaond earrings double heart pendant

Stone In Motion Necklace

It’s a very romantic gift for her and is one of the most sought after gift for valentines and other important occasions. A dancing pendant worn on a thin chain around the neck and moving and casting a sparkle with each move is a true beauty of its own kind. This is a dainty necklace which adds just the right amount of glamour to any neck. A special woman deserves this unique and special gift. This will be a lovely addition to any jewel box. Jewelry has a mission in life and that is to create a noticeable sparkle in the wearers look making her feel like a celeb. Wear this necklace with the rotating stone in center to add that sparkle .This is great choice to wear every day the beauty of this dancing jewelry is the rotation of the gemstone that moves every-time you move. The movement in turn then reflects the light which is a sight to watch. This is the kind of jewelry piece which will definitely attract a question or two from the onlooker.


SIM Rings

The rings also have the same concept where a solitaire stone is set in this dancing setting. One can find pear shape, cushion cut rings in this setting. This can make an apt proposal ring as well. If your woman loves dance then this can be a befitting gift. 925 silver dancing rings suit every budget and yet make a unique gift. This is a one of a kind of jewelry. A ring lover would love to add this kind of ring in her collection.

Dancing dimaond pear shaped earrings

Dancing Earrings

Most popular designs in this range are the hanging or dangling ones . As the earring dangles the movement of the stone is clearly visible Heart shape dancing earrings are very popular choice among women. There is a center stone that dances and many small stones compliment it reflecting the sparkle. Many adjectives come to mind “Gorgeous, Eloquent, Mesmerizing, Attention grabbers. Gift her dancing stone earrings for her ears and see the way she will love to wear them. With each move the gemstone will vibrate and create amazing sparkling light. The love you receive in return will tell you what a great choice you have made.

Dancing dimaond earrings

This range of jewelry is a delight to every jewelry lover and is a must have addition to any jewel box. Get yours soon and dance away.


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