Choosing A Silver Necklace As A Gift Of Love

Silver Necklace as a Gift of Love

For a woman, wearing a pendant is a way to express who she is without saying a word. And it can be a perfect gift for the exhibit of your love because every time she wears it confidently, she would remember there is someone who understands and appreciates the person she is.

A woman once said, “Necklaces are like potato chips, you just can’t have one”. So browse through the exclusive collection marked in this article and make a purchase at Ornate for the woman that inspires you – your mother, wife, sister, friend.

Stone in Motion Necklaces

The concept of “Stone in motion” (SIM) pendant at Ornate originated with a concept of “putting your sparkle to life”. With a base as 925 sterling silver, a moving centre American diamond makes the stone in the pendant twirl and enhances sparkle with every move you make.

silver pearl necklace

Pearl Around Your Neck

Double or single layered pearl chains, as well as individual pearl pendants on silver together, form the pearl necklace collection at Ornate. Historians call pearl to be the symbol of wisdom based on its formation in nature and would be a thoughtful gift for the woman in your life that brings wisdom.

Silver Red Garnet Necklace



Your Lucky Gemstone on You

Whether you characterize it as your birthstone, your lucky stone or your favourite colour, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, topaz or other gemstones have their own eminence in jewellery. Ornate has launched a variety of solitaire gemstone necklaces to cater to everyone’s choice. These stones not only maintain the actual colour of the real stones but also add extra polished shine to them. This would be a good present if you know the person’s zodiac or know her taste in gemstones closely

Flower necklaces

Flower Necklace

For most people, the taste in jewellery is very traditional and old school. Ornate appreciates everyone’s choices and has curated beautiful flower designs in pendants in American Diamonds and other lab created real looking precious gemstones designed into colourful petals and shaped like flowers. The silver used is 925 fine silver coated with rhodium that makes it tarnish free and also safe to wear and won’t cause allergies  This is an ideal gifting option in necklaces as flower jewellery is a part of almost everyone’s jewellery box and these silver flowers will always be in bloom

tree of life necklace

Tree of life

With tattoos to jewellery, fashion today is made profound with meaningful symbolism. This ‘tree of life’ pendant manifests the roots; branches and fruits of a wisdom tree symbolising Mother Nature. This statement jewellery is an ideal gift for a woman taking the trend ahead from dolphin and star symbols. Tree of life necklaces is the most meaningful expressive gift that one can give to their loved ones wishing them love luck and happiness.

Silver lariat necklaces

Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is away from traditional necklaces in the way that it is fastened by threading both ends of it or by tying a knot in the chain. A great gift for the urban women with contemporary taste in jewellery, this chic style jewellery is crafted in fine silver polished to a high shine and sparkling with American diamonds and real pure pearls. These chic necklaces will be well received by the women of today.

Alphabet necklace

Alphabet Necklace

It is indeed crediting to wear one’s leading alphabet around the neck every day. After all, your favourite letter is the one that defines your identity. Our online jewelry store sells alphabets that dazzle in American Diamonds in an 18” long sterling silver anti-tarnish chain. This is a trendy gift for all young and confident women out there to conquer their dreams. It makes the perfect birthday gift as well.

So buy from our huge variety of the latest and modern everyday wear necklace designs and we will be more than happy to add a gift card and a gift box taking the hassle of gift packaging for you. Online shopping ensures that you are able to ship the gift direct to your loved ones and don’t forget to order ahead in time. Happy Shopping to you

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