Celebrity Pearl Fashion From Bollywood

Celebrity Pearl Fashion From Bollywood

Bollywood is an essential part of every Indian’s life. We have all grown up watching Hindi films .It holds us all together on some level. We relate to so many things in our lives .Film industry is the mother of fashion inspirations and fads alike. Each wedding season’s fashion is decided by what the actresses have worn in the recent films. Many women like to copy that reel life style to real life. From clothes to jewelry Bollywood is a major fashion influence for Indians. The brides are eagerly waiting for the new movies to release so they can decide their wedding looks accordingly. Even the celebrity weddings are much awaited so their jewelry looks and fashion can be copied.

Pearls are not a new entrant in the market and have been around forever. Many Hollywood celebs have been the brand ambassadors of this jewelry type. Many of them have famous quotes citing pearls as their favorite piece of jewelry. Recently many Bollywood actresses have been sported wearing pearls on the reel and their real lives as well.



Deepika Padukone is one of the most celebrated fashion icons of the recent times. Her dressing sense and sense of style is impeccable. She is the epitome of understated elegance. She has been mostly seen wearing layers of natural pearls to add on to her style. Add strings of pearl around your neck and feel like a celeb. A simple string of natural freshwater pearls can add an elegant touch to any basic outfit as well.

The Royal Look


Sharmila Tagore and royalty is a synonym. Her strand of pearl and a pair of  earrings should be an essential in every woman’s jewelry box.

Kangana Ranaut


A celebrated and accomplished actress she wears the loveliest saris and a simple string of pearls is making her look so pretty. Pearl string is a good choice for summer look and afternoon brunches with the friends. A cotton sari and pearls around your neck is just what you need.  Kangana has been seen wearing pearls in her latest film Manikarnika and it makes look so royal even in the warrior like image.

Rani Mukherjee


She is an ardent pearl lover and has been pairing her outfits with pearls always. She looks classically beautiful with the pearls around her neck. Get the same look with our real freshwater pearl necklaces. You can choose to wear different lengths as per your desire .

Sonam Kapoor


She is the fashion icon of Bollywood many copy her style and looks. She is a powerhouse of fashion statements. The sari she is wearing is a simple plain one but the pearls have added such a royal eloquent elegance to them.  Make a fashion statement of your own.


Regardless of the pearl looks you go with. Pairing a simple pearl stud can turn any drab outfit into a statement. The effect pearls have on any look is super charming and can’t be described in words.  Look for freshwater pearls, which are affordable to the pocket and have a shiny luster.  Pearl sets make a good choice when it comes to gifting as they can be gifted to a teenager just graduating from college to a woman who maybe turning 50. Pearls have the power to transform you.  “I need ropes and ropes of pearls “ said Coco Chanel .


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