Buying an Engagement Ring She Can’t Deny Wearing!

Buying an Engagement Ring She Can’t Deny Wearing!

For men who know nothing about jewelry, buying silver engagement rings is an uphill battle. They would rather go on a one-day marathon than visiting a jewelry store and wrestling with their wits to find the perfect ring for their significant other. What if she hates the ring? All the hours spent in rummaging the right design will merely be a waste of time.

No matter how well they know their partners, men always have a fear of choosing the wrong design for their to-be-fiance. Size, colour, stone, style, cut; several factors determine which ring is perfect for her. Most of the information on rings is jargon to men, as they are barely interested in jewelry shopping. You don’t have to regret your lack of ring assessing skills! We have listed all the crucial pointers below in our engagement buying guide –

Emerald Hues 925 Silver Ring

1. Spying Her Accounts – You don’t have to spoil the surprise by asking for her preferences. Log in to the internet and scout her accounts for ring designs. Pinterest is an abode to images curated by the users for personal inspiration. If you dig deeper you will find her account. Use the query site: Pinterest+” first name”+” last name”. Gather all the images of rings she likes and posted in one folder and scrutinize the common theme running in her post therein.

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2. Base Metal (Band of the Ring) – The centerpiece of rings either consists of gemstones or diamonds encrusted on a metallic band called the shank of the ring. The colour of the metal should go with the wearer’s skin tone. White gold or silver looks great on the wearer.

Meghan Markle Design Ring In Sapphire

To know what she finds most appealing, take a sneak peek into her jewelry box(hint: check her vanity table). Most women own gold, platinum, rose gold, and silver rings. Separate the rings by metals, there you go! You have cracked her most desirable precious metal.

3.  Style – Does she likes the victorian rings with a huge diamond in the middle encircled by accent diamonds and gemstones or modern sleek designs? To know which style she prefers, considering her jewelry collection is not enough. You need to take a look at her entire closet. She will be wearing the silver engagement rings her entire life, her choice of outfit and personal style also defines the type of jewelry she likes.

Eternally Forever Us Ring 1 Carat

4. Your Budget – Last but not least, you don’t have to go overboard to buy her the ideal ring. With some advanced planning, you can win her heart without breaking the bank. Don’t have deep pockets? Instead of a diamond solitaire, choose a ring with a cluster of small of american diamonds or gemstones. Gemstone like ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc. cost less than a real diamond, with a quality finishing manage to match its look. If you have a bigger budget, buy silver pendants online along with the ring to shower more love on her.

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5. Her Size – A difference of a millimeter can change the ring design. Resizing the rings leaves a dent on its surface making it ugly. To reduce the chances of such instances, don’t rely on assumption and get her exact size. The best method is to steal one of her rings for a while. If she has plenty of them in her jewelry box, you wouldn’t be called the culprit. Another option is to measure her ring size using a tape. Don’t have a measuring tape? Ring sizer app allows you to know her size based on one of her rings.

925 Silver Three Stone Promise Ring

With a change in gender roles, even women have started proposing men. The above-mentioned steps aren’t just handy for men, even women who are searching for an engagement ring will find this guide fruitful. Once you have taken these steps, your research is completed and you are ready to shop the ring.


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