Blue Is The Color Of September

Blue Sapphire and American Diamond Studs

You must be wondering that why blue is the color of September? Color therapy is a very popular form of healing. Bluestone has been the favorite of royals forever. There have been many famous bluestones that have had their importance in history. Blue symbolizes wisdom and calm. Think of the blue of the ocean, majestic and beautiful. It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. The blue color meaning is also known to have a calming effect on the psyche.

Many ancient cultures believe and follow these birthstone charts. A birthstone is those gemstones that correspond to each month and its unique meaning and signifies its uniqueness. Birthstones became very popular in the ancient civilizations and were believed to have brought good luck and prosperity. In those times more than the stone the focus was more on color. That was the most important feature of the stone and not the type of gemstone it was.

Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace
Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace

It’s commonly believed that people born in September can benefit from wearing their birthstone color. The birthstone for September is Blue sapphire. Blue sapphire being very expensive one can reap the same benefits by wearing its royal blue color stone alternative. The energies related to color effects and heal our body. There is a lot of belief in chakras balancing and the use of color. Balanced chakra is the energy house of our body. They ensure the smooth working of our body and keep us balanced. Color therapy can help to rebalance and increase and balance these energies.

The first thing our eyes notice are the colors in our environment. The colors we wear or see around us directly affect our emotional well-being. The colors are even used to heal patients from many diseases. This is where the birthstone colors come into play. People born into certain month belong to a specific color according to their zodiac. Birthstones can be worn in the form of jewelry. A September born can wear a blue sapphire or created blue sapphire ring, pendant or even earrings. They belong to the Bluestone family.

Birthstone colors make a great birthday gift. These are those meaningful gifts that can bring your loved ones a lot of happiness and luck. They will appreciate and love your gift. These are a very personalized form of gifting and make the recipient feel and realize that how thoughtful the gift are.At ornate jewels you can find lots of blue stone jewellery / blue color jewelry for all the upcoming birthdays in September. All these birthstone color gifts can be gift-wrapped and we will even send a gift message with your purchase. Buying online makes it easier as your gift can be directly shipped to the recipient.

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