Better Earring Wardrobe Every Girl Should Have

Earring wardrobe

Yes, you are reading it right an earring wardrobe. A must have for any girl. Just like Carry Bradshaw had her love of shoes in sex and the city and wanted a shoe room, she loved jewelry equally. An earring wardrobe is as essential as your clothing wardrobe. Earrings have these magical powers in them to perk up any face, occasion or dress. One can still do without accessorizing with a necklace but without earrings, it just doesn’t feel right.

An earring wardrobe won’t be made in a day just as Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take a few years and you need to continue adding your finds there. So let’s talk about what all we need in our earring wardrobe and why all us girls should have one.

  • Give those ears a break

Most of us tend to wear the same earring day in day out, as we are too lazy or sometimes too comfortable with the same pair. But we forget that as much as its unhygienic to wear the same one for months, it’s not letting our delicate earlobes breathe. So for starters start taking your earrings off when you hit the bed so the skin of your ears get to breathe and also the hole of your earlobe can get some rest. Wearing the same earring for months can cause infections of the skin as well. Rotating and changing earrings of different styles can help you with that

  • Why an earring wardrobe comes handy?

The earring wardrobe can be a small hanging display or even a jewelry box that you can use to store your earrings collection. Store them in a way so they are visible to you easily and while you are trying to find the one that matches its easily found.

This is a very helpful way for the busy mornings when you want to look good as well as want to rush out in time.

earrings collection

  • Kind of styles that you should have in your wardrobe
stud earrings

No women dislike studs. Studs are like those comfortable pajamas that we all like to lounge around in. Studs are the most wanted type of earrings for all age groups. Studs are the number one choice when a little girl is getting her ears pierced. Silver studs are lightweight and safe for her to wear. Studs for women suit every face type and start from an affordable range. One can buy colored studs, metal ones, gemstones studded one, floral, and the choice is unlimited. Having said that one must have a pair of solitaire studs in their earring wardrobe. If you can afford a diamond stud then you must include it in your earring wardrobe, American Diamond silver studs make a great alternative to diamonds. Colored solitaire studs also look very chic and classy. You can easily accessorize them with your dresses and office wardrobe Studs are the number one choice for work wear earrings.

Dangler Or Chandelier Earrings

Who doesn’t like to party? Let your ears also party in those dangling feminine earrings. Another must-have essential for your earrings wardrobe is that pretty dangler. Buy one that suits your face shape and length. Danglers are available in many shapes and lengths. You can find the one that’s most suitable for your budget and face type. Danglers can be worn from day to night effortlessly. They can totally transform your look. Small lightweight dainty danglers in silver with some colored American diamonds make an absolutely necessary addition to your earring wardrobe. These can wear to the office and for after parties as well.

silver dangler earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are another popular type of earring, which compliments all face types. Hoops come in many sizes and metals. From extra large plain ones to studded ones. There is the whole range that one can choose. Hoops have been always in trend and have been sported by many celebs as well. Hoops come in geometric shapes, bold colorful plastic, plain gold, and 925 Sterling Silver. One must have at least one that’s studded with American Diamonds as this can be worn effortlessly from day to night and its light on the ears. Make your own fashion statement with big sized hoops. For the ones that favor delicate and demure looks go for the small or mid-sized hoops.

Colored Earrings

You must have a neutral and few colored earrings that can go with the color of your clothes. It’s easy to accessorize and you can mix and match as well. Think red, green, and blue as basic colors that you must have. The blue goes very well with denim. Some silver earrings are also great for summer. Yellow gold or even gold plated ones can be collected for festive occasions.

Pearl Earrings

Much has been written about pearls about many iconic women and pearls are the choice of many women. Pearls are probably the oldest of the gemstone known to humans. Pearl has the ability to bring in the extra sophistication and class to any outfit. Pearls can be casual or formal depending on how you style them. A simple pair of pearl studs looks cool and casual with a white shirt and denim whereas the same pearl can bring in the royalty when worn with a gown. Pearls now come in many styles and designs. You can buy a basic stud of freshwater, or Akoya, or south sea pearls. Pearls crafted in silver in danglers or fancily shaped earrings are a must for any earring wardrobe.

Real Pearl studs earrings in silver

Add Some Fun

Some fun quirky pieces are also a great addition to an earring wardrobe. Add some fun pieces if you find them at flea markets. These add some boho style to your weekend outfits.

Whenever you travel to buy a pair from there as a souvenir. Buy some earrings that are suitable for the occasion like Halloween earrings in some skull shape, Xmas tree ones for Xmas, some alphabetic earrings. Earrings are a lot of funIf you have not started yet its time to start collecting and building your earring wardrobe. Start shopping now.

silver dangler fun earrings




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