Benefits Of Wearing Freshwater Pearls

Benefits Of Wearing Freshwater Pearls

Benefits Of Wearing Freshwater Pearls

A flawless, smooth, shining gemstone, the pearl is a beauty that will not lose its charm till eternity. They may be classified based on their colour, texture and size but they are broadly distinguished based on the origin – Saltwater and freshwater pearls. Developed in oysters, one at a time, saltwater pearls are more expensive than the cultured ones which are produced in freshwater mussels, up to 30 stones at a time. Despite the difference, both kinds are incredibly durable and will withstand the test of time and wear. Freshwater white pearl jewellery is unique because they are the only tissue-nucleated cultured stones in the world.  Pearl jewelry is not only a silky and radiant elegance but also holds a few benefits that you might not have known.

Physical healing properties of pearl

Physical Healing Properties:
It is believed that wearing freshwater pearl necklaces is beneficial for lungs against diseases like bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis. They have a soothing influence on the heart, kidney and the liver. It also shows healing effects on skin rashes and allergies. This stone has a powerful healing effect on the solar plexus chakra – third of the seven chakras in the human body. Hence, stomach issues and menstrual problems can be cured with this gemstone.

Astrological benefits of pearl

Astrological Benefits:
Astrology says that for horoscopes with the weakest planet being the moon, wearing a silver pearl ring can be advantageous. The astrological body moon is supposed to drive your mind and thoughts. A weak moon may result in anxiety, depression and emotional stress. In cases of people with extreme temper, moti can help offer a peaceful mind.

Religious Associations:
Hinduism follows the faith that associated with the Moon Lord, your pearls can possess divine powers with a mantra chanted for 9 weeks every Monday before sunrise. The mantra is “Om Chandraya Vidmahe. Lakshmi sahodaraya deheemahi. Thanno sasishekhara prachodayat. Om Sraam, Sreem, Sroum, Chandramaase Namaha.” You can choose to wear pearl bangles or pearl bracelets and empower your spirits.

Pearl Birthstone of June

June Birthstone:
Dating back to ancient times, faith was established that zodiacs and people’s birth months have a colour associated with them brings them luck and prosperity. The focus drifted from the lucky colour to find a stone of that tone. Moti hence came to be known as the birthstone for the June born. For this, a pearl pendant can be your everyday fashion statement. You can combine it with pearl studs.

Spiritual Healing:
Associated with a lot of positive energy, this gem is believed to increase the alertness of the self. It helps in reducing negative planetary influences and brings harmony in one’s life. Pearl earrings are a sophisticated choice for everyday use and can serve the healing purpose alongside.

Spiritual healing of pearl

An Addition To Your Feminine Beauty:
If you look in a woman’s jewellery box, even the simplest and the fanciest of the women will own this white beauty. I myself have never looked at one and not said wow. Be it a formal event, everyday office, a wedding reception or a date, wearing this piece of white gemstone sure adds to your confidence and portrays you as a strong and beautiful woman.

Evergreen as it is called; this gem will not lose its lustre and will continue to be the most elegant jewellery you own. Just like its beauty, its benefits are inexplicable too. Silver is said to add more meaning to this gem – both physically and astrologically.  Add a white pearl ring, pearl bracelet, earrings, necklace to your life and add prosperity or add gorgeousness if nothing else.

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