Best Jewellery To Wear This Winter Season

Best Jewellery To Wear This Winter Season

‘Tis is the season of joy. If not yet, then you don’t have to wait for long, Christmas is just around the corner. Whether it is about treating yourself or gifting a beautiful piece to someone, it’s always a good time to buy jewellery. It’s a great time to explore some jewellery for the upcoming

What is a promise ring & how to give it to your ladylove

What is a promise ring & how to give it to your ladylove?

Whether you are in your freshman year of college or a working professional after you meet the person you believe is made for you, cementing the bond with a promise ring is crucial. Unlike engagement rings, promise rings don’t symbolize a lifelong commitment. A promise ring is given to a person who you see as

Rakhi Gifts for Sister

Pocket Friendly Rakhi Gifts for Sister

India is the land of celebrations. The festival of rakhi represent the beautiful bond between a brother and a sister. The essence of this festival is deep rooted in traditions where a sister ties rakhi on the wrist of her brother. A sister takes good time to search for the perfect rakhi for her brother

Ruby Jewelry

Red Ruby For Every Jewellery Lover

Red-hot is the color of Ruby Jewellery by Ornate jewels. We bring to you a selection of silver jewellery pieces that are sure to add a red factor in your accessory collection. We have used the highest quality of synthetic ruby and AAA grade American diamonds with pure 925 silver that’s been rhodium polished to

Solitaire Jewellery

Why Should You Add Cubic Zirconia Jewelry in Your Collection?

Diamond is valued for its cost. Initially it was applauded for being a stone that refracts sunlight and disperses the white light into its component colors. Hence, the visibility of different colors from different angles of the stone as you move it. Today, other man-made stones can also accomplish that and provide even a better

Silver Pearl Jewellery

Remain A classic with Silver and Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery As we all know, Pearls are the oldest gemstones around. All around the world in terms of fashion Pearls and Pearls Jewellery have reigned. A pearl is the first choice of many designers and fashion icons and they always come up with new ways to wear pearls. Read on to figure out how

Silver Necklace as a Gift of Love

Choosing A Silver Necklace As A Gift Of Love

For a woman, wearing a pendant is a way to express who she is without saying a word. And it can be a perfect gift for the exhibit of your love because every time she wears it confidently, she would remember there is someone who understands and appreciates the person she is. A woman once

Gift Guide for Taurus

Unique Gift Guide For Taurus woman

Governed by the planet Venus, Taurus women are embodiment of feminine charms. But this does not mean they aren’t strong headed. Taurus is one of the most practical women of the breed. Much like her zodiac symbol, the bull, she believes in peacefully grazing the field, but gets charged up when bothered. The lucky stone

Why buying jewellery from manufacturers direct is better than chain stores?

Why Buying Jewellery From Manufacturers Direct is Better Than Chain Stores?

When it comes to leisured expenses as jewellery, trust on the store is undoubtedly the biggest factor that governs our purchases. Hence people prefer to buy from a chain store that has earned a reputation over the years. But have you ever thought, these chains would have started as a single store in the past

Pearl Jewelry On Mother's Day

2019 Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

We all get our own personal angel called mother. She is the most precious gem of all. The most cherished and loved gift that life has given to us all. She has been around us always cooking, taking care and making sure that we grow up to be the best human beings. There is no

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