7 Rules for Giving Jewelry Gifts To a Female Friend

7 Rules for Giving Jewelry Gifts To a Female Friend

As a man, buying a gift for a female friend is a tricky business. It becomes more complicated when jewelry comes into the picture. Most of the things men shop have a practical application. For some of them understanding the importance of jewelry in a woman’s life is like solving a puzzle. The accessories guys usually wear are watches, goggles, and rings( sometimes chains). All of them serve some purpose in their daily life. Most men go down the rabbit hole at the time they are looking for a jewelry gift to surprise their female friends.

You don’t have to be stuck in the research phase. To help you out, we have listed some rules below –

Red Ruby Heart Ring in 925 Silver

Cost doesn’t matter – Just make it Memorable- You might think the gift has to cross a certain price range to be counted as a valuable present in the eyes of recipients. If you do, you are totally wrong! When women go to a jewelry store, their eyes scan the display for an ornament that is high-quality and complement their facial features. To impress her, you just have to buy a design that appeals to her eyes. Choose a budget that’s not heavy on your pocket and stick to it.

Real Pearl Daily Wear Flower Studs In 925 Silver

A Jewelry for Every Occasion – Every woman has a different way of accessorizing. Some wear baubles to look chic on their special days while others opt for fashion staples every day. Pick an ornament she can wear with both her formals as well as ethnic attires. For example – Sleek chains are neck jewelry a woman can wear on any outfit of her choice. You can also buy a silver necklace, they are also popular among women.

Investigate Your Receiver’s Interests – Is she into rings? Does she change her earrings every day? Or has her wrists covered with bracelets? Notice how she puts on jewelry whenever she is around you without giving any hints about the gift (Make it a surprise, she loves it!). Every woman has a favorite body part she adores with accessories most of the time. Figuring out her preferences isn’t rocket science, you just have to keep a close watch. If it’s a surprise gift, ask her directly because it’s the best thing you can do.

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Choose a Brand She Admires – A pair of studs from a brand she reveres will bring her more joy than a statement earrings from a seller she never heard of. Quality is the utmost priority of women. Whenever they shop, they are easily attracted to reputed retailers. At Ornate Jewels, we leave no stone unturned to maintain the highest standards of quality. The products catalogued in our gifts for friends collections are the ideal pick for your lady friend.

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Heart Pendant and Earrings

Avoid Misinterpretation – Gifting a girl a ring can signify something more than a friendship. Determining the right ring size is next to impossible without taking measurement of her finger or one of her rings. Don’t leave any room for confusions, go straight for earrings. Even a woman who is a tomboy will wear them. A pure silver necklace set is another great option for your married female friends. We have a wide collection of chic pure silver necklace set ideal for today’s modern women.

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Solitaire and Heart Necklace

Buying Necklace? Go for staples – Bib, choker, neck chains, statement necklaces, women are spoilt for choices when it comes to neck jewelry. Does your friend wears a mix of different neck jewelry? In this case, the best option is staples. Medallion pendants, link chains, dainty charm necklaces are easy to integrate with any attire. They compliment your looks without adding any extra flare. Buy silver necklace for women is made easy with Ornate Jewel’s stylish collection.

Eternity Bali Hoop Earrings In 925 Silver

Hoops – Dangling earrings aren’t the right fit for corporate women, chiming bracelets are associated with teenagers, and only a few old women are bold enough to embellish their ear cartilage. There are some unspoken rules of wearing jewelry women seem to follow. The elderly females neither layer baubles nor wear statement pieces because it makes them look older. Bracelets are popular amongst young girls but middle-aged women have an ever-lasting love affair with rings. Vibrant jewelry with a lot of gemstones attracts little girls. Hoops are the only piece of jewelry any women/girl can wear irrespective of their age. When you don’t know what to buy, stick to hoops. When giving the same gift to a group of women, hoops work well.

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