6 Jewelry Tips that Will Make You Look Taller

6 Jewelry Tips that Will Make You Look Taller

Being an adult you can’t increase your height, and who wants that! To look dead drop gorgeous you don’t need ankle-aching 6 inch heels. If you wear clothes which flatter your petite stature and style them up with dainty accessories, you can stun the crowd with your fashion sense. Ariana Grande,Jada Pinkett Smith,Nicki Minaj,Kristen Bell, and Reese Witherspoon, what do these glamorous women from the silver screen have in common? All of them are short. Despite being short in height, they never fail to impress their fans and fashion critics on the red carpet. If you are putting off jewelry just because of your short stature, you are missing on a lot of exciting looks you easily pull.

A devil may care attitude and a few tips, that’s what it takes to wear jewelry like a diva. To help you pick the right jewelry as per your body type, we have listed some simple tips below –

Embrace Danglers – The strings of beads and chains create lines around your face giving an illusion of longer neck. Long earrings with no curves and loops are narrower in shape. They hang without blending and turning down the ear lobes. Danglers which are straight and align diagonally across its length are best for short women.

925 Sterling Silver Water Drop Dangle Earrings

Minimalism – Wearing several pieces of jewelry together is like displaying different directions to enter a building. When a person’s eyes fall on you, it wouldn’t be different for her to decide where to look first, your bracelet, necklace, or silver jhumkas. Being a petite woman, wearing more than 3 pieces of jewelry gives you a fuller appearance. There is no use of donning an accessory which isn’t adding any glamour to your looks. Limit your jewelry to pair of silver jhumkas and an armlet for formal events. Buy silver bracelet that look the best on your wrist from our one-of-a-kind products.

Geometric Shapes – The crisp lines in geometric earrings are instantly visible on your face. Pendants and earrings in square, rectangle, triangle and pyramid shapes are a headturner. They shift all the attention from your short stature to your facial features.

Geometric Design Silver Dangler Earrings In 925 Sterling Silver

Sleek Rings – Narrow shanks take less space leaving a large portion of your fingers bare. Steer clear from the cocktail rings and opt for sophisticated tiny rings. If you wish to stack rings, buy ultra thin bands.

18K Yellow Gold Plated Silver Ring in Bead Design

Long Necklaces – Chokers are hot this season. You might be planning to buy one and try this fashion trend. We don’t want to make you unhappy but short necklaces like chokers and bibs highlight your small body. This doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to neck jewelry. Pendants and long necklaces have a shimmering effect on your body. Layered chains is another option you can try.

Silver Double Circle Necklace

Tennis Bracelets – Broad bracelets cover a considerable length of your wrist. When you are a woman of short stature following minimalism is necessary. Chain bracelets, dainty cuffs and tennis bracelets are your best friends. A tennis bracelet will suit every attire. Girls with skinny hands have fewer designs to choose from.

American Diamond Tennis Bracelet

At Ornatejewels we provide a wide range of designs to make jewelry shopping a pleasant experience. Buy silver bracelet from our store now and give show a little more self-love on yourself.

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