5 Ways To Pair Silver Jhumkas With Western Outfits

silver jhumka

You all must have heard how jhumkas looked lovely with the salwar suits and the sarees. But ever thought that these silver jhumka can also be a wonderful accessory to be decked with the western jeans, tops and skirts. Scroll below to know how.

With Jumpsuits

silver jhumka earrings

Jumpsuits are in the to-do list of every girl who is planning a trip out. But do you know what can make your knack for hipster look more iconic? Well, it is pairing your jumpsuit with a set of silver jhumka.

Oh Yes! Try your hands on Padma Jhumka Earrings from Ornate Jewels, to be worn with a printed jumpsuit. It would bloom the style statement and make your travel diary drool in fashion.

With A Casual Shrug

silver jhumka earrings

Gone are the days of bodyfit tight outfits for which women used to give up on food. Today’s fashion statement says “chubby is the new sassy.” And so, shrug has to be in the wardrobe to style them up with fashion.

For this, Ornate Jewels has the perfect silver jhumka earrings to be paired with it, namely Lakshmi Silver Jhumka Earrings. This jewel piece is also added with floral pattern and ruby to be an enhancer to the delicate look. So, a good to go choice for the long shrug along.

With Dresses

Generally women get confused about which earrings to be ornamented with a dress. Some want the earrings to match the attire, while some want to hang long danglers with the dress. Yet, silver jhumkas can be a wiser option as these do not stay restricted to just one color.

Pair your dress with Rani Silver Jhumka Earrings from Ornate Jewels. Its touch of silver surrounding the jewelry will give you answer to how you can wear it with black, red, peach, pink, white and countless other colors of dresses.

With Bohemian Jacket And Jeans

Some people have a special heart for Bohemian jewelry that cannot be given up on any reason. But it can surely be enhanced more by pairing oxidized jhumka with the Bohemian jacket and jeans.

Peacock Jhumki Earrings from Ornate Jewels is one of the finest silver jewelry designs that can be put on with the Bohemian Jacket. In fact, you also get options for colorful studs that will help you pair better with the outfit.

With Skirts

Women love to flaunt themselves in skirts. Be it long one or short one, a special occasion has a special kind of skirt for the purpose. However, when it comes to an Indian festive on the way, then never skip on pairing silver jhumkas with the skirt.

You can look for earrings like Lakshmi Silver Jhumka Earrings from Ornate Jewels. Its size and designs are perfect for being ornamented with the long skirts and the Indian skirts.

These are some of the ways in which you can give yourself a glorious indo-western touch. Simply switch online and look back into your closet, you will get answers to the best kind of silver jhumka earrings made for you. Ornate Jewels has an eclectic range to get a look at. Scroll to know more.

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