5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Jewellery Box

5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Jewellery Box

Jewellery is one of the most important parts of every woman’s life. The pieces of jewellery define our history, heritage, even relationship status and especially who we are. Just like jewelleries, a ‘jewellery box’ is also very precious, as it is the place where womens store their most prized necklaces, silver engagement rings, diamonds, bracelets, American diamond earrings etc. Just like changing trends in jewellery, the jewellery box also tends to grow old and eventually needs to be upgraded or even replaced. It is your responsibility to keep it organized and if your current storage solution is a little worn, or getting decked up with a tangled pile, it’s time to make an upgrade. In this blog, we have penned down some of the signs showing you need to upgrade your jewelry box.

Here are the five handy signs you need a new jewelry box!

  1. The drawers are too congested:

If you observe the drawers of your jewellery box hardly shut, then it is definitely the time to upgrade your jewellery box. The inability of doors or drawers to effectively close or open is a clear indication that the box may be damaged and in need of replacement. Initially you were able to find all sorts of great areas to stash your valuable jewelry, but not your jewellery box is just overflowing with stuff. In such situations, it is better to revamp it.

  1. No more space left:

Collecting jewellery might be a hobby for so many women but you need to understand when to stop. Every piece of jewellery needs to be stored in a special container to protect them from bumping haphazardly into each other. This could damage them. For instance, necklaces should be hung on hooks or chains to reduce tangles. While bracelets and silver engagement rings should be stored away from necklaces. If you have reached the point where all your favorite pieces are irretrievably tangled, then it’s time to upgrade your jewellery box.

  1. You don’t wear what’s inside your jewellery box more often:

There are so many jewellery pieces inside your jewellery box which you can’t quite remember. Most women fall in love with a piece of jewellery, buy it and then bring it home. But usually they don’t wear those pieces more often. It is one of the signs showing you need to upgrade your jewellery box when a lot of pieces start getting unrecognizable for you. It can be a problem if you don’t want to throw away the old jewellery pieces. In this case, buy a new jewelry box with enough space so that you can see your favorite baubles which are getting lost in the shuffle.

  1. Your jewellery is getting damaged:

Jewelry is incredibly valuable and the older your jewelry is, the more valuable it is. If you packed in jewelry even when you had no room, you could decrease the value of the jewelry without even meaning to. No seller would want to pay for damaged pieces as they become worthless. Jewellery made with materials like silver and gold needs to be taken care so much. If you find the need to sell your jewellery collection in future, then that collection needs to be tenderly cared for. Also, most of the people plan on passing down their jewelry to their children. If this is your case then make sure your jewellery is not damaged goods.

  1. Your Jewellery Box is Outdated

Sentimental value is a thing, often people don’t want to lose those objects which are too close to them. But if your current jewellery box feels dated, then it’s time to get one that reflects your taste & style today. In these modern times, there is a very less possibility that you’ll go wrong with the latest designs. For instance, the jewellery box with sleek wood, whether it’s dark or more natural looking, with subtle metal accents that blend into the overall design is classic and casual.

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