5 Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Women Turning 50

5 Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Women Turning 50

By the age of 50 women accomplish plenty of feats in their life. They already have imparted all the knowledge and resources to their children for living a life on their own, spend years to establish themselves in the corporate world and earned enough to abandon all their financial worries. To say the truth they have mastered the lessons needed to lead a successful life. Completing half a century, they are no longer impulse buyers but a person who knows exactly what will suit their taste. As women age, they stop wearing those flamboyant trinkets and give all their attention to quality pieces. They prefer wearing a few, quality jewelry pieces as opposed to being covered with shiny metals from head to toe.

Giving a jewelry gift becomes a little tricky for women who are turning 50 because they have collected so much of it in the past few decades. Making a choice that fits her preferences takes a lot of work. The question is, how to find a piece of jewelry she really wants to wear? An older woman will value the emotions you express through the jewelry gift above its price.

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To give her a gift you value for a lifetime, you need just one thing! Go through our jewelry gift list –

Crafting New from Old – Buying anything you think will look good on her is not the right way to go. You need to put in some extra effort to show how much you care about her. Redesigning a piece of jewelry she deeply admires is a great option. Does she have an old pendant she can’t wear because of the broken chain? Or a gemstone from a ring that became worn out? She might have stopped wearing those baubles, however, she still misses them. If you hear her saying ‘I wish I could have that beautiful pendant your dad gave me back’, don’t just listen to it! Act on it. Even if it is not an heirloom, you mom with be happy to see the broken piece back. It just takes a few visits to your jeweler to bring a wide smile and tears of joy to your mother’s face.

Birthstones Jewelry – Most of the women wear their birthstone in the form of a ring, this doesn’t limit your choices. A necklace or earrings studded with her birthstone will definitely come as a pleasant surprise. She wouldn’t have thought someone will present her birthstone jewelry out of the blue. Make sure the design is not traditional but one that is made for 21st-century women. After women enter their 50th year, they become more adventurous, ready for experimenting with new looks.

Bracelets with a Message – Engraving and initials aren’t the only ways to tell her what you feel about her. Old women are shrewd enough to read the subtle signs. Charms can be used to symbolize different areas of her life. The shape of the charm will get your message across. Whether it’s your aunt, mother or ladylove, bracelets are jewelry each one of them will love to wear. If you can give it to her yourself buy silver bracelet from a seller who can deliver it on your behalf.

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Complete her Personal Collection – She will adore jewelry she doesn’t have in her personal collection. Is she found gold? She might be lacking in silver! Buy silver bracelet for her. Has she stopped buying vibrant jewelry with colorful stonework? Get a necklace with elaborate work of gemstones on it.

Statement Pieces – ‘Less is More’ when it comes to mature women. They are less focused on wearing multiple pieces together. A single accessory that brings out the best in them is what they search for. Having a single piece of jewelry to focus on, she can concentrate more on styling her outfit.

Pearls – They were once a ‘grandma’ staple worn only by older women, now are ‘it’ jewelry. This season pearls aren’t limited to necklaces but available in a variety of shapes and styles. A pearl earring is the best gift to go with her necklace. If she doesn’t have a necklace buy her a pearl pendant. At ornate, you can buy silver pendants online from a mesmerizing collection.

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