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Birthstone Color Jewelry: Buy Birthstone Color Jewelry Online at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Birthstone Color Jewelry for girls and Women at Online Shopping Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Birthstone Color Jewelry is still present in India. We have the best Birthstone Color Jewelry designs for females.

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925 Silver Ruby Solitaire Everyday Wear Studs
Created Ruby Solitaire Studs 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 999

Discount Rs 849

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Silver Created Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Pendant Necklace
Created Yellow Diamond Pendant 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,359

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Daily Wear Ruby Solitaire Pendant online
Daily Wear Ruby Solitaire Pendant

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,359

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Emerald ring
Green Divine Silver Ring

Regular Price: Rs 1,999

Discount Rs 1,699

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Hues Classic Oval Ruby Ring In 925 Silver
Hues Classic Oval Ruby Ring In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,614

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Ruby Solitaire Set
Ruby Solitaire Set

Regular Price: Rs 2,999

Discount Rs 2,549

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Amethyst Solitaire Studs 925 Sterling Silver
Amethyst Solitaire Studs 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,299

Discount Rs 1,104

15% OFF
Emerald set
Emerald Solitaire Set

Regular Price: Rs 3,199

Discount Rs 2,719

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1 Left
Fiona Emerald Oval Cocktail Ring
Fiona Emerald Oval Cocktail Ring

Regular Price: Rs 3,899

Discount Rs 3,314

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Hues Classic Oval Emerald Ring In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,299

Discount Rs 1,954

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meghan markle 3 stone blue sapphire ring
Meghan Markle Design Ring In Sapphire

Regular Price: Rs 2,099

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Best Seller
Blue Sapphire Ring
Princess Sapphire American Diamond Cocktail Ring

Regular Price: Rs 2,699

Discount Rs 2,294

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Birthstone Jewelry Sets | Birthstone Earrings | Silver Birthstone Ring

Birthstones jewelry is very popular all over the world for centuries. Silver birthstone rings add sparkles to your little fingers. Silver birthstone rings are very popular nowadays. Birthstones jewelry not only brings life to your jewelry set but also creates the stunning look.  Jewelry with colored birthstone complements American Diamond and is the perfect holiday or birthday gift to your dear ones like girls birthstone earrings.  Each birthstone has different meaning and is worn according to the months when the wearer inborn. For example, aquamarine symbolizes fidelity, health, hope, and youth.  Citrine is said to symbolize prosperity and success. Ruby represents emotion, passion, courage, and love. For each month, there may be one or more birthstones. Like garnet is for January,  Amethyst For February, Emerald for May.

Birthstone Jewelry Sets | Birthstone Earrings 

Here is the list of gemstones and you can choose according to your birth dates.




























Blue Topaz

Only the Diamonds aren’t the best friends of girls. Opals, Rubies, Citrine, Blue Topaz and all other gemstones too are the pretty best buddies you can gifts girls birthstone earrings to your princess. Our different jewelry styles and settings are breathtaking one. Jewelry with the birthstone will be really loved by your sweetheart. After receiving such a featured precious jewel, moms will surely weep tears of joy. These jewels appear so bright in the light like the fire dancing inside it. Select some birthstones jewelry pieces from our collection section.  One of the great things about our online jewelry store is the price. We have a price that suits your budget.

Gemstones complement diamonds not only with its eye-catching colorful tones but also for the meaning they represent for the specific month. You can shop gorgeous gemstone jewelry online at Ornate jewels and we will hand it over to you timely and safely. So, ensure your classic beauty by paring Sterling Silver, Yellow gold or white gold with your gemstone and forever have a smile on your face.

Birthstone names also have particular meanings like Garnet comes from granatum which means seed. Amethyst comes from the Greek word for sober - amethystos.

Many people believe that their fortunes come with their birthstone, so they wear specific birthstone with specific metal in particular finger for good luck.

Birthstones, irrespective of being beautiful, is full of stories and customs inside them. Consequently, should you would like to produce your subsequent anniversary gift extra special, why don't you provide them a jewelry bit by using their birthstone. I'm sure they will love it. Shop our newest birthstone jewelry from Ornate Jewels