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Top 25 Facts To Know About Silver Jewelry
Top 25 Facts To Know About Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has  always been an important metal in the history of mankind . Awlays in demand for its looks and affordability it makes a great choice . Silver is used in medicines , Utensils, Ornaments, Showpieces , Décor, Furniture and now even ntegrated with apparel industry on a giant sc...

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Health Benefits Of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Health Benefits of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is worn  mostly to adorn yourself with ornaments and look beautiful . On the other hand, we are familiar with gemstones as well as other minerals, which are actually found in improving the appearances of sterling silver jewelry, to obtain healing qualities. The healing qualities ...

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My Online Shopping Experience At Ornate Jewels
My Online Shopping Experience at Ornate Jewels

Hey beautiful,It’s my birthday today… While all my near and dear ones are making me happy in all special ways… How can the one I love the most, the one who is always ( 24 x 7) available for me can stay back… Ummm just to avoid the confusion,let me clarify… I’m talking about myself… More about t...

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Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life

Tree of life jewelry which is very popular and has great significance dates back to Biblical times. There are many beliefs behind this jewellery and each religion or race seems to have their own thought. Some say that when Celtic tribal settlers reached the Irish shores they needed land to make thei...

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